A creative cat who loves to chat. - by Kevin Li

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Create Spotify music playlists for any prompt - by Brett BaumanWeb3 payments link. - by Cagatay CaliI help you reflect and record your gratitude. - by Richard RobinettI've been talking to the main computer. It hates me. - by by Nicholas DobosYour friendly anime companion. - by Declan GesselEffortlessly design anything- presentations, logos, social media posts and more. - by Canva
Cognitive Coach
Memory training and cognitive skill enhancer - by Colin Lewis
Talk to Navigation with Large Language Models- Semantic Guesswork as a Heuristic for Planning (LFG) - by Michael Equi
Your product coach. Ask about best practices. Get top gurus' product thinking. - by
Professor Chad
remember when you enjoyed going to class because the professor was actually just so cool and knowledgable but chill and approachable? - by Spencer Yen
Ravencoin GPT
Expert on Ravencoin for creative use - by cerberus